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  • No fees, interest, or monthly payments.

  • You get investment funds when needed, as needed.

  • Simple profit-sharing business model.

  • We provide an unparalleled safety net!

  • We provide you with coaching, mentoring, advice and guidance as needed.  

    • Eugene, the founder of weFundyourFlips, is not only a real estate investor himself, he is also a much sought-after Professional Business Coach with a diverse range of multinational clients in numerous industries from IT to medical insurance. He has analysed over 30,000 properties and has systems to get the deal done.  You'll get all his and his teams knowledge and expertise for free!

Why do business with us?

Here's how it works:




  • reviews the application.

  • verify all factual information.

  • provide the funding if it makes sense.



  • complete the renovations professionally & competently.

  • list and sell the property.

Together we​

  • share the profits as agreed.

  • do more deals together.

  • live happily ever after!

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 Get Fast Funding

Split Profits


Affordable Funding,  

The easiest way to fund your real estate investments



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Fast convenient loans
3 minute application process
Quick decision
Business coaching & advice
Interest Free
NO monthly payments 
NO application fees   
NO processing fees 
NO inspection draw fees  
NO appraisal fees    
NO legal fees
NO other hidden fees 
NO endless paperwork  
NO losing deals due to slow funding    
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